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    So you’re ready to go rallycross. Sweet!! There are a few things that will help you understand what happens at a rallycross.

    Rallycross isn’t just about the racing. It is about safety, having fun, and learning. Before racing even begins, several things must happen first.


    See this thread for a good checklist to… check… before you go to an event

    When you arrive, there will be a registration table. Here you will fill out a form with some personal information (basic contact information), and information about your car (make, model, year), and usually what class you wish to run in. See This thread regarding car classing. You will also choose your car number.

    Note: There may be pre-registration for a rallycross event, so be sure to check your region’s website for preregistration information. This helps event run smoother and start quicker if you preregister. Plus, it saves you from having to fill out a boring piece of paper.

    Tech Inspection
    Before you are allowed to race your vehicle, you must open your car and raise your hood. Your car will be checked for loose items, such as battery, filler caps, etc. Most regions will also require you remove any loose items in your vehicle as well. Before you come to the event, it is good to remove anything that is not needed, such as old receipts, garbage, etc. It will help eliminate any headache of packing and unpacking your car at the event.

    Driver’s Meeting
    This is held to discuss the event and course with all drivers. Usually they will discuss the format of the race. This includes:

    • What classes run and which classes work
    • Course layout, things to watch out for
    • Safety for corner workers
    • Breaks for lunch/snacks/change course

    Parade Lap/Walk the course
    Before you race, you are given the opportunity to walk the course. This is strongly suggested, so you do not waste your first few runs learning the course. Sometimes, you will be given a parade lap, where everyone drives the course at “walking pace”.


    Working the course
    If you are not racing, you will be working the course. Often times you will be assigned a corner to work at. There will usually be radios to call in any cones that are hit. You will usually be equipped with a flag to help alert drivers of any hazard ahead of them, or to stop them in case there is a problem with their car they don’t see.

    If a cone is hit, call the car number in and state how many cones they hit. Example: “Car number 45, 2 cones”.

    Driving the course
    It is strongly suggested to take your first run easy. This will help you learn the course without being rushed. It is easy to overlook certain aspects of the course that may benefit you if you take the time to notice them. What lines to take, braking zones, etc. Some regional rallycrosses will allow you to drop your slowest run, so take advantage of this.


    Course clean-up
    After you play, it’s always good to clean up any mess you made. Mother would appreciate it. After racing is finished, often times you will be asked to help clean up the course. Simply start stacking cones, and pile them up along the course. Usually, a vehicle will be driven around the course to pick up the cones.

    Awards will be handed out after the rallycross is over. Most regions will award drivers in the top 3 positions in each class. There will often times be a “Fastest Overall” award. Stick around for this, you might be surprised at how you did!!

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